Once I start treatment, do I have to keep going forever?

No. A false rumor about chiropractic is that "once you start going you'll have to keep going" or "the chiropractor will make you keep coming back forever."

Many patients find relief or correction of their condition and their treatment is finished. In fact, you could stop chiropractic care at anytime. However, when patients achieve their goals, many- by their own choice- decide that it's easier to stay than to get well with the help of chiropractic.  A periodic evaluation becomes preventative, and part of a health supporting, wellness orientated plan to promote health and wellness. These visits often detect small changes and stop little problems from becoming big problems.

Did you ever go to a dentist when you where younger? How long have you been going to a dentist? Ever go back periodically, even when you didn't have a toothache? Periodic preventive and maintenance dental visits only "make you" keep coming back by choice in the name of good health!