Can chiropractic help me?

Chiropractic care enhances the life and health of millions of patients every year. How will you respond to chiropractic care? An estimate of your response will be discussed on your initial visit. Your consultation and exam help determine the level of your condition and help identify potential complicating factors.

Chiropractic works based on treatment that seeks to improve the function of your musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles, ligaments) and your nervous system. There is a vital relationship between the joints of your spine and your nervous system. A loss of proper function can lead to imbalances that produce swelling, pain, and compensation that places stress on other parts of your body. With this additional loss of function, symptoms often result: pain, numbness, burning, tingling, restricted motion, stiffness, weakness, and more. So if you are experiencing these symptoms, give us a call today to see if chiropractic can help you.