Each day we schedule specific times to allow for new patient consultations and evaluations...

By setting aside specific time, the new patient and the doctor have ample time without feeling rushed or interrupted. This time allows the new patient to discuss with the doctor their health concerns not just your specific injury or pain, but how this condition has interfered with your activities of the past, present, and your concerns about it returning or affecting you in the future.


What you can expect for your first visit...

  • Initial paper work that will assist in your consultation and evaluation, as well as prepare your administrative file.
  • One-on-one consultation with the doctor regarding your health and family history, as well as specifics of your current condition and chief complaints.
  • Examination to help determine the root cause of your health problem.
  • Appropriate diagnostic testing or referrals based on the findings and treatment plan options.
  • Treatment plan options will be discussed along with an explanation of all treatment prior to you receiving care.

Dr. Marini has changed my life. I can’t imagine living the way I did before he helped me get back on track.
— John Smith, Woburn, MA

After the consultation...

You decide, with the help of the doctor, how and when to proceed.

And as always, a financial consultation is available for you to discuss covered services and payment options that may fit your budget.